Why I Bought My... iPhone

The word busy took on a whole new meaning for me when Ibecame a mom. Aside from working a 60+ hour work-week, I also volunteer my timewith a breastfeeding support group, toilaway all day testing baby products to bring you these incredibly insightful reviewsand, most important of all, put all my energy into parenting mytwo-year-old.

After seamlessly juggling all this for a few months (yeahright!) I started really feeling like a slave to my computer. Checking my email, which I was obligated todo, was becoming the most hated part of my day. I have three email addresseswhere I receive multiple emails a day and I hated having to spend hours of mytime checking and sorting through them. I decided I wanted some sort ofBlackberry-type device, (I had seen Danielle emailing away on her Blackberry andcraved one ever since) and ultimately decided on the iPhone.

There is no question about it: For a mom on-the-go the iPhone isideal. For those of you who have been living under a rock, the iPhone isa multi-media, Internet-enabled mobile phone put out by Apple. What makes itdifferent from other mobile devices is its touch-enabled screen which includesa virtual keyboard and buttons.

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First and foremost, I love that I am able to check all threeof my email addresses as separate accounts. This way I can pick and choosewhich emails to read right away and which to save for later one when I havemore time to go through them. I never miss an important email from work, CBB orfrom a mom who needs breastfeeding information stat. More importantly, I’malways in the know about who is meeting at the playground down the block at3pm. Among other things, I also love that I can have an album ofmy favorite photos right there on my phone (not to mention a camera) because,as every parent knows, when you have a child, everyone wants to see pictures.

There is also the great google maps feature, which with therecent software upgrade, also pinpoints your exact location. This feature alonehas literally changed my life as I am one of those people who will inevitablyget lost on the way to your house. Eventually Apple is going to come out with aGPS device that you can attach to the phone, but at this time, I don’t even feelthat it’s necessary because the google maps feature works so well.

The visual voicemail feature is also wonderful, as I canalso pick and choose which messages to listen to when I am running around anddon’t have time to sit around and listen to another 40 minute message from atelemarketer.

On a daily basis I also use my phone to check the weather, updatemy calendar, text, write myself little notes and listen to my music (itfunctions as an iPod as well). But myfavorite part of the phone is the feature that allows me to bookmark all myfavorite iPhone applications, (programs designed specifically for the iPhone that you can accessthrough the phone’s web browser) so that I can literally have them at the touchof a finger. Among my favorites are an application that allows me to check offmy grocery list as I need the items, a replica of the weight watcherspoints calculator, and a sudoku game!

Celebrities are already jumping on the iPhonebandwagon too! Rosie O’Donnell and her partner Kelli reportedlygo everywhere with their respective iPhones. In an interview withSwitched,a blog dedicated to reporting on digital gadgets, the celebrity moms werequoted as saying that if they were stranded on a desert island they would bringtheir iPhone. “You can do just about anything — from e-mailing andsurfing the ‘net to listening to music, watching movies, and taking photos — onit. What more do you need? Well, besides someone to share it with on theisland!!!,” the couple said.

I would recommend checking out the iPhone in person if you are undecided as it is incredibly difficult not to fall completely in love with the phone but for now you can explore its awesome features on the apple site.

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