My husband still hasn’t installed the camera in the baby’s room like he promised (I’m sure he’ll get to it someday), but thankfully the Philips SCD 589 Digital Baby Monitor ($200) gives me a clear idea of why my baby’s doing even without seeing her.

My favorite part? Thanks to a digital wireless technology that results in a crystal clear, no fuzz, no interference, sound, I can hear her every breath if I want to. But of course, most of the time I don’t (hey, Mama needs her sleep, too!), which is why the “sensitivity” option is the next best thing about this monitor. When it’s at the lowest level, I don’t hear all those gurgles and fussing noises that my darling daughter makes throughout the night. Nope, I only get woken up when baby means business!

As I grow more comfortable with letting her “soothe herself back to sleep” (yes, I know, that’s just a nice way of saying “cry it out”), I’ll turn down the volume so that only lights flash with every cry and I’m spared the ruckus. Then I hit the menu button on the monitor, and, from the comfort of my own bed, turn on one of five calming lullabies for her. Most of the time, she goes back to sleep within a few minutes. Other great features, a temperature monitor, so you can see if your little one could be too hot or cold, and a night light that can also be turned on from the parental unit. Now if only they’d add a video feature so I wouldn’t have to wait for my husband to get a free moment to install that camera!

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— Jen W.