Whoopi Goldberg's grandkids look to her 'for adventure' not food

Oscar-winning actress, comedienne, and current co-host of The View, Whoopi Goldberg, 51, recently spoke about her lack of interest for whipping culinary delights up in the kitchen. Whoopi said:

I don’t cook, and everyone knows it. I mean, I don’t even cook for my grandkids. My daughter is a good chef. I tell people it’s because she didn’t like what I fixed. The girl was hungry – she had to learn! For her kids, I’m just a grandmother. They look to me for adventure. So I bring the bad stuff in. I always thought, ‘If I get some money, I would love to have caviar.’ That was a big thing for me. And then I ate some. And I went, ‘What was I thinking?’

Whoopi has a daughter, Alexandrea Martin, 34, and three grandchildren — Amarah Skye, Jersey Martin, and Mason.

Source: Parade

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