By peoplestaff225
Updated September 19, 2006 08:00 AM

We’ve seen the Vanity Fair photos of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ baby Suri and Celebrity Baby Blog Readers weighed in. We asked who you think baby Suri looks like.

-45% said Suri looks like a combination of Tom and Katie
-22% said Suri looks like Katie
-16% said Suri looks like Tom
-10% said Suri doesn’t look like either Tom or Katie
-5% said they couldn’t tell

Many others commented that they think Suri looks like Katie’s ex-boyfriend Chris Klein! My husband says, "All three of those people look like each other."

What do Tom and Katie think? Well, Tom said, "I think she has Kate’s lips and eyes" and Katie said, "I think she has Tom’s eyes."

People magazine brought in an expert to settle the debate once and for all! Using Face Recognition System software, Dr. Irving Biederman, director of University of Southern California’s Image Understanding Laboratory, pronounced that Suri resembles Katie more but that she inherited her thick black hair from both parents. (This software is typically used to find criminals in a crowd.)

What do you think?

Source: People magazine