Whitney Port Welcomes Son Sonny Sanford

Former reality TV star Whitney Port welcomed her first child, son Sonny Sanford, on Thursday

It’s a boy!

Former The Hills star Whitney Port and her husband Tim Rosenman are new parents after welcoming their first child on Thursday, July 27, she announced Monday on Instagram.

Son Sonny Sanford Rosenman arrived at 12:30 a.m.

“Sorry I’ve been MIA for like a week! I lost my phone. Just kidding!! I made a human!” Port wrote alongside the birth announcement.

“Everyone is so happy and healthy and we are home now. I am beyond obsessed and in love and wish I could bottle this feeling for all of you out there.”

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Whitney Port
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Whitney Port

The new mom also took to her blog to share the first sweet snaps of her son, including a solo shot of her bundled up baby boy along with a second photo of Port cuddling Sonny in the hospital.

“Over the next few blog posts, I’ll tell you all about the entire day, the following days at the hospital and bringing him home, but for now I just want to talk about how I’m feeling.” she writes.

“I love him and feel protective over him, but more than anything, I’m just like obsessed. I can’t stop looking at him, or thinking about him when I am in another room. It’s a bit like getting a toy you really really wanted as a child. There was all the anticipation and build up, and then you open it and you love it.”

She continues, “Unlike the toy, however, I am obviously never going to get sick of Sonny, and he poops. All kidding aside, my heart just grew to accommodate all this extra love I now have to give. I don’t care if this is sappy or trite and I don’t want to say that I love him more than anything ever because I love Timmy and my family. It’s not about loving him more than something else I love. It’s just awesome.”

Cole Moser

The couple, who wed in November 2015, announced in February that they were expecting in a sweet Instagram post.

“Oh hey! Just standing by the window in my underwear, with a BABY in my belly!!!” Port, 31, captioned an Instagram photo of herself donning a white, rolled up T-shirt and lacy underwear while showing off her adorable baby bump.

“DM me if you know what I’m supposed to do with this thing for how ever many years I’m supposed to be in charge,” the post continued.

The former reality star, who blogged throughout her pregnancy for PEOPLE, previously opened up about her parenthood fears

“In my heart, I knew that I was never going to be ‘ready,’ and that in time, I would just learn whatever I needed to learn and be okay,” Port, 32, wrote in her blog. “But [Timmy] seemed to not be worried at all, which was great, but also secretly annoying.”

In another blog post, Port admitted that the couple was “a bit shocked” to learn that they were going to be parents this year, but added that she “can’t wait to be a Mom.”

“When two people love each other so much and the love becomes too great to fit inside both people, it spills over into a THIRD person,” she wrote. “This is how I am going to explain where babies come from to the little baby that is now growing inside my belly because Timmy and I are PREGNANT!”

Throughout her pregnancy, Port has opened up about the good, the bad and the crazy — including her constant fatigue.

“The next worse thing was just being completely exhausted every day around 2 p.m.,” she wrote in her PEOPLE blog post. “I couldn’t do anything. It felt like I was coming down with the flu every day at this time. This was tough physically but also emotionally, as I have always been used to a certain level of productivity. I felt like I’d lost control of my body.”

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But, nevertheless, Port managed to take in every special moment of her pregnancy, including setting up the little one’s nursery – without knowing the sex of the baby!

“I’m kind of the person where, even if we did know the gender, I wouldn’t go all blue or all pink — I’m just not that kind of mom,” she said about decorating the baby’s room. “I want it to be calming and neutral, like nudes and whites.”

Port continued, “We’re just staying away from anything too gender-specific and leaning toward creams and nudes and little hints of grays and yellows and things.”

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