Whitney Port Stopped Breastfeeding Two Weeks After Giving Birth: 'It Was Just Too Painful'

"The night I got home my nipples were already like chafed and dry and bloody and painful, that I couldn't breastfeed anymore," Whitney Port shares on this week's episode of Me Becoming Mom

Whitney Port is opening up about her struggles with breastfeeding.

On the newest episode of PEOPLE's Me Becoming Mom podcast, the 36-year-old recounts her "painful" experience with breastfeeding her son Sonny Sanford and why she decided to stop the process.

"The night I got home my nipples were already like chafed and dry and bloody and painful, that I couldn't breastfeed anymore," Port tells host Zoë Ruderman, Head of Digital at PEOPLE. "So all of the sudden I was like, 'What is Sonny gonna eat?' And that wasn't even something I had thought about yet."

The Hills alum, who shares Sonny with husband Tim Rosenman, says that "this is when things got really hard for me emotionally and I started to feel really ridden with guilt."

"I stopped breastfeeding after two weeks because it was just too hard for me, it was just too painful," she shares. "The pumping seemed to be easier for me and I was able to get enough milk to feed him exclusively with breastmilk for six months."

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"I told myself I was going to get through the six months. And that's something I wouldn't do again. I would never put that much pressure on myself because looking back on it, those six months were a complete blur," she admits. "I was just so focused on getting through the pumping, the breastfeeding, the whole job of it, also getting mastitis three times. It was a mess, it was a total mess."

Port says she would do things differently should she and Rosenman bring another baby into the family.

"The plan is if I start to feel those feelings again, where I feel overcome by it and I'm not able to enjoy having a newborn, and I'm not happy and I know specifically I'm not happy because of this, to just really listen to that and not let the guilt override those feelings," she says.

Whitney Port.

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