Whitney Port Is Waiting to Find Out the Sex of Her Baby: 'It's Only One of Two Options!'

Whitney Port reveals she's waiting to find out the sex of her baby with husband TIm Rosenman

Photo: Jessica Nash

It’s a … delivery surprise!

Since announcing she was pregnant in February, Whitney Port has been busy preparing for parenthood with husband Tim Rosenman. And while the mom-to-be can expect plenty of celebrations ahead of her baby’s arrival, a gender reveal party won’t be one of them.

“We’re not finding out,” Port, 32, tells PEOPLE. “But it’s only one of two options, so it’s not that crazy! You’re kind of prepared either way.”

Although the mom-to-be is excited about their decision to wait, she admits it does make nursery planning a little more difficult.

“It’s made buying anything harder,” she says. “But so many brands are gender neutral now, so I think you just buy the necessities and wait until you find out to buy the specific things.”

Jessica Nash

Having baby on the brain hasn’t slowed the fashion designer down a bit, with Port recently launching a disposable dishware collection with Cheeky. There’s one to-do, though, that she’d rather not add to her list: planning a baby shower.

“I don’t really want to organize it,” she says laughing, adding that her loved ones have expressed interest in throwing one for her. “I’m thinking maybe some sort of coed barbecue, or something a little less traditional.”

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Nontraditional seems to be Port’s pregnancy mantra. She told PEOPLE that, “It’s so important not to be pressured by what other people are doing or how people are parenting.”

Making decisions with Rosenman and “continuing to stay true” to her style like keeping the sex a secret are a few of the ways she’s sticking to her instincts. But that doesn’t make waiting to find out any easier.

“At first I was like I really want a boy, they seem so much easier. And then now I’m like, I think I really want a girl,” she says. “So you go back and forth but obviously at the end of the day all you want is a healthy baby, I don’t care what I get.”

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