Whitney Port Is Trying to 'Listen to My Body and Not Feel Guilty' After Revealing Pregnancy News

Whitney Port announced this week that she is 7 weeks pregnant, saying she is "scared" for the health of the baby on the way after they previously suffered three pregnancy losses

Whitney Port is thanking fans for support after revealing she is 7 weeks pregnant following multiple pregnancy losses.

The Hills: New Beginnings star, 36, announced in a YouTube video this week that she is pregnant, expecting another child with husband Tim Rosenman. She tearfully explained that "everything was looking good up until yesterday," sharing that a recent doctor's visit has the couple "scared" for the health of their baby on the way after they previously experienced two miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy.

During the recent ultrasound, her doctor found that "whatever was happening in there was not where it was supposed to be, given the week that I'm at," she said.

On Instagram after announcing the news, Port thanked fans for showing support, admitting it "felt weird" to share the pregnancy publicly so soon.

"I am trying my hardest to set boundaries, listen to my body, AND not feel guilty about it," she wrote. "Thank you to everyone for the outpouring of support and love yesterday. It felt weird to talk about my pregnancy so early, but it didn't feel right to hold it in. Now we can REALLY go through this process together with no secrets, no hiding, just truths."

Whitney Port
Whitney Port. Frazer Harrison/BFC/Getty Images

"And for all of you who reached out, even telling me you were pregnant and hadn't told anyone yet, I am sending so much love and strength your way," continued Port. "No matter what happens with any of us, we are WHOLE human beings who deserve a lot of love and nothing to be ashamed of."

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In her YouTube video, Port said, "The moral of the story is, this is likely another unhealthy pregnancy. It's such a huge part of our lives right now, and it affects everything, physically and mentally and everything that we do. And it just felt like an opportunity to just share it, because I couldn't just sit here and go on with my life and not share it. And I know that there's likely so many people out there that have had to deal with this."

She said she's "extremely grateful" for her 4-year-old son Sonny Sanford, but she's "scared for myself and my confidence and my self-worth and what this means for that, and also for not being able to give this family what I think would be the best for it."

"The emotions are obviously very complicated," Port continued. "I still feel very, very pregnant, my boobs are very sore and I'm extremely hungry and just very achy, but I obviously don't know what's going on inside my body."

In the same video, Port gave a positive update a few days later, noting that the doctor "actually saw an embryo and a heartbeat, which is something that we were not expecting." They asked fans to "keep your fingers crossed" for them as the continue to provide updates.

She previously revealed in July 2019 that she and Rosenman suffered a miscarriage, before revealing earlier this year in January that they suffered another pregnancy loss.

Port later said that she and Rosenman were planning to try again once their doctor gave them the go-ahead, adding that they planned to have tests done with a fertility doctor. "I just need one more healthy pregnancy. Maybe we'll adopt if we really want a third," she said back in January.

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