In a new vlog, Whitney Port and her husband Tim Rosenman open up about their relationship struggles since welcoming son Sonny Sanford in July

By Brianne Tracy
October 27, 2017 04:25 PM

Whitney Port and her husband Tim Rosenman are getting real about their marriage and sex life after baby.

In a new vlog, the couple opens up about their relationship struggles since welcoming their baby boy Sonny Sanford in July — including Port’s anxiety about breastfeeding — but says that ultimately their marriage comes first.

“I honestly think for the most part our relationship is amazing, I really do,” Port, 32, tells her husband, whom she married in 2015, in the clip.

“I had a lot of anxiety about how negative I was and physically distressed I was [and] how that affected you, if you thought that I was a Debbie Downer because that’s really an unattractive thing when your partner is just complaining all the time.”

Rosenman replies that when Port was upset about things like breastfeeding after coming home from the hospital, that he “wasn’t scared.”

“Nothing compared to when your dad died,” he says of The Hills alum’s father, Jeffrey, who passed away in 2013. “I don’t think you’re being crazy or overreacting. When your nipples hurt to breastfeed, not only did it physically hurt, but [also] it was emotionally tough because you wanted to feed the baby. And mom judgment, and all that stuff. This is a good thing. We’ve been through a bad thing and dealt with it.”

He adds: “That’s not to say everything has been easy. The fact that my wife is not happy and going through a tough time has an affect on me.”

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In order to maintain their marriage, Port feels it’s important for her and her husband to set aside alone time for date nights. She also says that she wishes sometimes there was more for them to talk about than just the baby and how their days were.

“I like to feel like the two of us come first,” Port says.

Whitney Port

But for Rosenman, their constant communication throughout the day keeps them close, and once the hectic duties that come with being new parents calm down, he thinks they’ll be even closer.

“Our sex life will get back to where it was when things calm down,” he says. “I feel like it is, and that’s good.”

Port’s advice for husbands who are going through similar struggles within their marriage is to make their wives “feel extra special” the first couple of months after having a baby.

“For us women, we’re going through so much and it helps to feel that extra love without having to ask for it,” she says.