"The worst part was being hungry all the time, but no food sounding good," mom-to-be Whitney Port writes in her second pregnancy blog for PEOPLE
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Please welcome back celebrity blogger Whitney Port!

Known for her role on the 2000s MTV darling The Hills, Port has since dabbled in multiple television ventures, and even went on to publish a memoir in 2011.

Today, the former reality star is a fashion designer who runs a lifestyle blog. Recently, she launched a disposable dishware line with Target, and signed on as creative head of flower delivery service Bloom2Bloom.

Port, 32, married Tim Rosenman in November 2015. In February, she announced on social media that the couple are expecting their first child.

You can find Port on Instagram and Twitter @whitneyeveport, and on her website at whitneyport.com.

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Credit: Cole Moser

Welcome to the second installment of my PEOPLE.com blog about my pregnancy! Just a reminder for those who didn’t read my first entry, this is a bi-weekly blog I’m writing about my journey through pregnancy and everything that goes along with it. This is not an advice blog — just my account of things. Maybe I’ll throw out some things that helped me, but obviously everyone’s pregnancy is so different that I’d never try and be an expert on this topic.(Skincare is another story. I can give you advice on that stuff all day.)

So I suffer from chronic headaches. Timmy thinks it’s because I don’t drink enough water, and although he’s probably right, they’d gotten so bad that I wanted to have a neurologist check it out. The doctor agreed that drinking more water was not a bad idea and recommended certain vitamins and a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Class (which I took and really benefited from), but she wanted to order an MRI to be thorough.

As I was leaving the office, she casually mentioned that I should make sure I’m not pregnant, otherwise I couldn’t get the MRI with contrast (which is some medical stuff that you should Google if you want to know more about). I didn’t think anything of it, even though I was off my birth control.

I don’t know why I didn’t think anything of it. I guess I just thought that getting pregnant was going to be tough. Remember, I had that weird medical issue at the beginning of 2016 that my doctor thought could affect the ease of conception. I also have some people in my life who didn’t have an easy time, and assumed that was my fate too.

I was really wrong.

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So that Saturday morning, the day after my doctor told me to take a test “just in case,” I got a test and took it right away. Timmy woke up while it was doing its thing, the science was science-ing, and he was like, “Why are you pacing outside the bathroom?” I told him what was going on, and he freaked out.

We both paced for a minute, and then he popped his head in there and came out looking shocked. A top-five crazy moment for sure. He said it was positive. We were pregnant. Holy s—. Sorry to curse.

I took a few more tests that day and they came back negative, so we waited to celebrate until I went to the doctor the next week and got a blood test to confirm it!

For those of you who have been reading but haven’t had the chance to check out our YouTube series “I Love My Baby, But I Hate My Pregnancy,” I haven’t told you about the early days of my pregnancy and how yuck it was! So I’m going to flash back to about 25 weeks ago and tell you a little bit about my first trimester. Eventually, I’d like to catch up to real time, but there’s a lot going on, so I’ll do my best.

After Timmy and I found out we were pregnant (yes, we are those annoying people who say “we”), we discussed who we were going to tell and who we wanted to wait to tell. A lot of people say to wait to spread the news until after the first trimester, because that is when the baby is largely in the clear with regards to miscarriages and things like that.

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Neither one of us are very superstitious when it comes to science stuff like this, but I didn’t want to make some big announcement and then, God forbid, have something go wrong and then have to go back and announce that. We decided telling our immediate family was necessary, but we would wait to tell the rest. The first person I called was my mother, of course. She screamed and cried, as expected. Then we called Timmy’s parents from the car on our way to a Pilates class that we were doing with my sister, Paige, so we couldn’t keep it it from her!

Since we hadn’t been to the doctor yet — this was literally the first morning — we waited to tell everyone else until it was confirmed. It was Thanksgiving Day, and we were hoping the doctor would call us with the news. We waited all day, and then they finally called with the best news ever! After we hung up, we sat down with my whole side of the family and broke the news. It was amazing! Everyone was so surprised and so happy. I obviously cried.

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Once the excitement of telling our family wore off, we began the next phase of this journey, which pretty much sucked big time for me. I was completely unprepared for the first trimester symptoms. It was not like what I had seen in the movies or heard from my mother. I feared some sickness at the beginning but thought that would wear off fast. I was so wrong! The worst part was being hungry all the time, but no food sounding good.

Figuring out what to eat for dinner was already hard enough, and now it was basically impossible. I’m already beyond indecisive. I ate a lot of In-N-Out, often in the parking lot alone. Stuffing a Double-Double into your face while wearing PJs at 11 a.m. alone in a parking lot is not the best place to run into anyone you know. One day (and I haven’t even told her this yet), I saw Renee Bargh walking toward my car. I thought she was coming up to my window and I almost died. Thank God she didn’t actually see me.

Credit: Cole Moser

Anyway, the next worse thing was just being completely exhausted every day around 2 p.m. I couldn’t do anything. It felt like I was coming down with the flu every day at this time. This was tough physically but also emotionally, as I have always been used to a certain level of productivity. I felt like I’d lost control of my body. I also felt guilty about it. This was supposed to be a joyous time, and I had heard stories of women who loved being pregnant so was constantly comparing myself to them. I quickly realized this was not going to be the case for me.

Right now — like now now, today, which is Sunday, June 11 — I am well into my third trimester, which is nuts! Timmy and I are about to go do a final walk-through of a house we are in escrow on. It’s our first house, so while completely overwhelmed, we are so excited to bring our baby into a cozy and comfy home we can call our own.

If you’re reading this and are a parent or parent-to-be, please let me know how you found out about your own pregnancy, and how you felt about it! Comment below, or follow me on Instagram and let me know. Also, please check out my pregnancy series on YouTube!