When I was first trying to get the hang of nursing, the lastthing I needed to worry about was finding a good bra so I made sure to invest inan Original Nursing Bra from Bravado! Designs.

Perfect for the first several months of breastfeeding whenit seems like breasts are changing size every hour (and they are!), this braoffers super-comfortable support while you are still establishing yourbreastfeeding relationship with your baby. I had a severe oversupply and I lovedthat this bra never felt tight on me (which is something that you want from anursing bra in order to prevent mastitis). I have been nursing for well over ayear now and this, my first nursing bra ever, has withstood hundreds ofwashings. Bravado! sent me a new one ofthese bras in the cutest leopard print. I have to say I would never have pickedthis print out for myself but I love it. I feel very rocker mom when I amwearing it.

Sarah Jessica Parkerand Britney Spears areboth fans of the Original Nursing Bra.

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