What will Hollywood look like in 2026?

US Weekly has an awesome feature in their August 7th issue that imagines what today’s A-list celebrity babies will look like in 20 years. Unlike the usual crappy morphed photos we are subjected to, these photos are actually attractive and realistic looking (for the most part). My favorite is the US Weekly cover with the headline, "Baby Suri Finally Revealed! Emerging after 20 years in hiding, she says parents Tom and Katie will wed ‘any day now.’"

You can watch their baby pictures morph into their "adult" photos at US’s blog. (Not all of the babies morph on their website- you’ll need to buy the magazine for that!)

Featured are:
Suri Cruise
Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
Kingston Rossdale
Apple and Moses Martin
Sean Preston Federline
Coco Arquette
Lourdes Ciccone Leon and Rocco Ritchie
Violet Affleck
Barron Trump
Grier Henchy
Kal-El Cage

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