Gwen Stefani wears Kingston in a Rockin' Baby Ring Sling

Update: The company tells us that since Monday night, they’ve had numerous orders and have since sold out! Hope you were able to get yours if you were trying!

Update: CBB reader JoJo tells us Gwen is wearing a Rockin’ Baby Ring Sling in Orange Zebra/Brown Flowers ($97) – she’s just got it on backwards! Thanks JoJo.

Originally posted July 3rd:

x17online has posted some great new snaps of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale at the flower shop before their trip to the Jolie-Pitts. Do any of our fellow babywearin’ mamas and nannies know what she’s wearing Kingston in? Danielle and I both babywear, yet neither of us can figure it out! Our best guess is a backwards ring sling – instead of the ring being over her shoulder and near her armpit, it’s in the center of her back. What do you think?

A great resource for mamas who want to babywear but want to make sure their positioning is safe is the Tummy2Tummy DVD ($25). It teaches you to wear four different types of baby carriers (pouches, ring slings, asian baby carriers, and wraps) correctly and safely, and is great if you want to wear your baby but are nervous about it – Danielle swore by this DVD when learning to wear Anya! Celebrity baby wearers Rachel Weisz and Kate Hudson could benefit from some instruction to tweak their carriers and make them safer for their babes. is also a fantastic resource and one that I use myself.

Gwen, always the fashionable mom, also dresses her son in Trumpette socks – in these photos, he’s wearing the Johnnies socks in navy, which are supposed to look like sneakers (pack of 6 assorted colors, $24). Last week, he wore the company’s Week of Dots socks (pack of 7 assorted colors, $24), both of which are available at

Photo Source: x17Online

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