By peoplestaff225
Updated April 13, 2005 02:04 PM

Mommies with Style is excited to have been asked to provide the Celebrity Baby Blog readers with continued coverage on what products celebrities are buying and using for their babies! The following is the first of what we hope to be many reports on where the famous people shop:

The "Madonna" gift set is just one of several celebrity baby product listings on Lifesize Kids. Their "All Star Moms and Dads" page features all the couture baby lines they carry – and which product is worn but what famous baby/child!

Some of these include the "Easy Rider" Leather Jacket (Kate Hudson) and Juicy Couture outfits worn by the children of: Madonna, Lisa Rinna, Cindy Crawford, Faith Hill and Nicole Murphy.

Lifesize Kids is located in the LA area, serving an "underage clientele… Hollywood heavy-hitters who must find the perfect outfit for their child‘s first movie premiere or black tie gala." We may not all be "Hollywood heavy-hitters," but isn’t it fun to dress our kids as the stars do?

Be sure to check out their sale section for some more affordable options for all the little people out there! (They currently have the very stylish purple swirl Fleurville Mothership on clearance for $108.) If you can’t be famous – at least your kids can look the part…

Editor’s note: This article is about what celebrities buy. Whitney in no way implies that YOU need to buy this stuff for your children or that you are in any way lacking as a mother because you don’t buy your kids these things. Visit her site, Mommies with Style, to learn about the affordable items she writes about plus coupon codes.