We Tried It: The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor Celebs Are Obsessed With

People Senior Writer Emily Strohm shares her experience as a new mom trying the Nanit Pro baby monitor beloved by Gigi Hadid and Halsey

Photo: Nanit

What It Is: The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Who Tried It: Emily Strohm, Senior Writer & new mom

Level of Difficulty (on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being easy and 10 being exhausting): 1

Becoming a mother is an incredibly beautiful experience. It's also a terrifying one, because let's be honest, no one has any clue what they're doing when they have their first kid. When I found out I was expecting our son Rafa, I immediately started compiling my baby shopping list. Stroller, bassinet, bottles: You name it, we researched, read reviews and marked them off meticulously one by one.

The one thing we intentionally didn't purchase was a baby monitor. My partner Tevin and I live in a one-bedroom apartment in New York City and since the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends infants share a room with their parents for a year to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, we figured, what do we need a camera for? Our baby would literally be a few feet from us. Wrong, wrong wrong.

As most first-time parents will tell you, the first few weeks can be chaos. Anytime our brand-new baby made the faintest noise (and he made a lot of them) I'd get up and go over to peer into the crib and make sure he was okay.

You simply cannot be prepared for the lack of sleep and exhaustion that comes with having a newborn, so dragging ourselves up off the couch, bed or even sometimes the floor to walk the few feet to his crib in the middle of the night in the dark was a challenge. When he'd nap during the day, we'd retreat to the living room, but still find ourselves getting up over and over to peek into the bedroom to see if he was still sleeping. I needed a monitor.


I decided to try the Nanit Pro, which was on the registries of celeb moms including Gigi Hadid and Halsey, and I can sum it up in two words: Game changer. My son is now eight months, and I honestly don't know how I lived without it before.

The monitor, which retails for $299, has super-high res video technology for a crystal-clear view of the room; basically you can see everything even when it's pitch black. It has exceptional audio and can track everything that happens in your baby's crib, including sleep patterns, room conditions and parental visits.

The second we got the camera, we put it together (easy). downloaded the app (even easier), and our lived changed for the better. I no longer had to keep track of how much sleep Rafa got because the Nanit gave me a report. I don't have to worry if the room is too cold or hot because the Nanit tells me the temperature and humidity level in the room. I even get a video summary of his day in the crib, so I know when and how long he napped for, plus his sleep efficiency (the amount of time your baby spent asleep in their crib divided by the total time from when they were put to bed in the evening to when they were taken out in the morning) It takes all the guesswork out.


You can choose a wall mount or freestanding floor stand (we went with the floor stand) and all you need is a cell phone to download the app. There's no bulky monitor to carry around: You just open the app on your cell and boom. We even took it on trips with us. I will never go without the Nanit again. He's now 8 months and I still use just as much as I did during those first few months.

The Verdict Run, don't walk to get the Nanit. It's peace of mind in your pocket. 5 stars. Highly recommend.

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