November 26, 2007 09:00 AM

70% off MISH MISH at WestVillageKids.comExclusively for CBB readers: type MISHCBB at checkout and save 70% on this brand only- sale prices too! (Save 15% on all other brands with code GIFTCBB.)

Mish Mish has great style and is very affordable, designed in Israel. Have you seen Madonna’s son in Mish Mish? 

If you need a special occasion dress for the holidays, a holiday gift or just hip clothing for your children.  Check out

Other brands are: BabyBonkie, Bengh, Cakewalk, CC’sRags, Charabia, Chipie, ColletteDinnigan, Confetti, Diesel, Halabaloo, IKKS, JeanBourget, Jottum, Marese, MissSixty,  Oilily, PomD’Api, PuraVida, Replay&Sons, SaveTheQueen, WildSouth and more.

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