June 19, 2012 02:00 PM

Courtesy Gilt Groupe

When celebrity nursery designer Wendy Bellissimo (who’s worked with Brooke Shields, Angie Harmon and Denise Richards) is in need of inspiration, she looks no farther than her four daughters. The girls helped dream up her new baby and toddler apparel collection, which will retail exclusively at Gilt.com beginning tomorrow, June 20 at 12 p.m. ET.

“I would say [this collection] is very much what I’m known for, balancing the sophisticated with the cute, and comfort with beauty as well,” she tells PEOPLE. “That’s how I approach things because it satisfies the mommy’s and the baby’s needs.”

“I always hear, ‘Moms of boys get ripped off! Girls stuff is always so much cuter and more fun,'” she says, “so I always try to really put those extra special details in boys’ clothing, using special fabrics and adding different layers of detail.”

When it comes to girls, she utilized the preferences of her own daughters – 12-year-old Gracie, 10-year-old Cecilia, 9-year-old Willow and 7-year-old Marlie – to create clothing that is both pretty and practical. In return, the quartet is helping Mom expand her business.

“We got them all sketch books, and they’re starting to sketch things out,” Bellissimo says. “So we have the inspiration started for our tween line.”

— Kiran Hefa

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