Great Ideas! 6 Yummy (and Kid-Friendly!) Lunch Recipes from Weelicious

Weelicious founder (and mom-of-two!) Catherine McCord, who recently released a new recipe book, shares her fave lunch dishes ...

Catherine McCord: Weelicious Lunches Think Outside the Lunch Box book

Maren Caruso

Catherine McCord has had a lot on her plate — figuratively and literally! — since debuting her family-friendly recipes website, Weelicious, five years ago.

Not only is she busy running behind her two adorable school-aged kids (Kenya, 6, and Chloe, 4), but the Institute for Culinary Education alum recently released her second book, Weelicious Lunches: Think Outside the Lunch Box, this fall.

McCord gave us a sneak peek and from stuffed pizza rolls to chocolaty vanilla wafers, it’s chock full of yummy dishes your kids will love to pack up for school.

Even better? To help you get a jumpstart on making healthy and delicious lunches for the tots, the meal planning guru is sharing some of her fave recipes. Check them out below:

Weelicious Asparagus Ribbon Salad

Courtesy Weelicious

Asparagus Ribbon Salad: This is a great example of how to get your kids involved in preparing their own food. Give them a great vegetable peeler and let them shave the asparagus into gorgeous ribbons.

Weelicious Carrot Hummus Sushi Sandwiches

Courtesy Weelicious

Carrot Hummus Sushi Sandwiches: These are fun, colorful and bite-size for small hands. Be creative with your fillings! The carrot and hummus combo packs some great nutrients.

Weelicious Baked Blueberry Doughnuts

Courtesy Weelicious

Baked Blueberry Doughnuts: You can use fresh or frozen berries to make this delicious treat. If you opt for frozen, use the same amount as indicated in the recipe, keep them frozen when you mix them, and very gently fold them into the batter to avoid bleeding.

Weelicious Green Machine Pizza

Courtesy Weelicious

Green Machine Pizza: Making pizza has become a weekly Sunday night ritual in my house. The kids love to roll up their sleeves, knead the dough and put their toppings on. Sure sauce and cheese are a great combo, but this one is a protein powerhouse and packs some serious flavor!

Weelicious Wheat Germ Parmesan Crackers

Courtesy Weelicious

Wheat Germ Parmesan Crackers: My readers are always looking for fun, easy snack ideas that can last a couple of packed lunches. This recipe freezes beautifully. Just cut out the shapes you desire (I like using mini cookie cutters) and freeze before baking or after baking and let them thaw out on the counter when you’re ready to devour.

Weelicious Matzo Chicken Tenders

Courtesy Weelicious

Matzo Chicken Tenders: The matzo gives these chicken tenders a crunchy coating. Pair it with your child’s favorite dip for a fun, interactive lunch.

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