March 10, 2016 10:00 AM

We tried it: Zoocchini organic training pants

Who tried it: Amy Jamieson, writer/editor

Why she did it: Because potty training is hard and this mom welcomes all new ways to succeed at it.

Pros: Potty training in the dead of winter can be deadly. Besides dealing with a child that’s learning to have control over his or her own bowels, you’ve got the layers of clothing to reckon with.


When the words: “Mommy! I’ve gotta go potty!” are uttered and you’re out and about, you’ve got jackets to pull off, pants to pull down — it’s a battle most parents prefer to tackle in the summer when clothing is light and the option to let a kid run around the yard naked is totally acceptable.

As luck would have it, potty training would happen for my almost 3-year-old daughter at the least desirable time: winter. But thanks to these awesome training pants by Zoocchini, I didn’t have to become a full-time janitor during the grueling (for us) process.

Designed in the U.S.A., the organic undies are thicker than typical underthings. Sandwiched between the layers of 100 percent cotton they’re made of is a layer of double-sided terry, which makes them more absorbent when accidents happen. They also come in cute, colorful aquatic and animal patterns that will trick your little ones into thinking how exciting this all is … !

When my daughter was too busy playing with her sister’s dollhouse that she had an accident, I actually didn’t realize she had one first. The soft cotton fabric absorbed the wetness really well, making what could have been a giant puddle into more of a minor splash on my hardwood floor.

Cons: While kids their age are fitting in age appropriate sizes, my girls are wearing one, sometimes two sizes bigger. Zoocchini pants size 2-3 were way too small on my daughter, and the next size 3-4 are now — after the process is over — almost too small, too. Roomier sizes for bigger kids would be better, even though I understand the need for a tighter-fitting undergarment during potty training.

While the price tag for three pairs of Zoocchini ($31.99) isn’t dirt cheap, they are well worth the messes they prevent. My sisal living room carpet thanks me every day for protecting it from passing showers.

The verdict: A kid can’t be potty trained on M&M’s alone — okay, maybe some can, but mine can’t. M&M’s as rewards AND undies that offer more protection from accidents (instead of Pull-Ups which encouraged my kid to go in her pants) worked well for us. We’re officially potty trained just in time for her 3rd birthday, yippie!

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