We Tried It: Specialized Nursing Bras

Simple Wishes B3 Bra

Courtesy Simple Wishes

We Tried It: Simple Wishes B3 All-in-One Bra

Who tried it: Rennie Dyball, Senior Editor

Why she did it: As a nursing and pumping mom, I’m always looking for products to make the multi-tasking easier. Plus, it’s National Breastfeeding Awareness month, so what better time?

Pros: This bra can be used for pumping and/or nursing, which makes it a great choice for working moms who would otherwise wear a nursing bra plus a pumping bustier to express milk away from home. And it could be the perfect solution for moms who nurse on one side and pump on the other. Wrangling a baby and pump parts can easily result in spilled milk, but this unique combo can hold a flange securely in place on one side while it fully clips down on the other. It’s also got plenty of closure options to accommodate a breastfeeding mom’s changing shape, and has a flattering fit. Plus the straps convert to racerback and halter styles.

Cons: The material on the B3 is meant to be more like a “regular” bra, so it’s not quite as soft as the nursing bras I’ve come to wear daily. (Regular bras are reserved for baby-free nights out these days!)

The verdict: For a mom who pumps on one side while nursing on the other, the B3 bra can’t be beat. For the average working and pumping mom, it saves you the bustier step.

Cost: $59.00 and available at Simplewishes.com

Le Mystere Mama Mia Bra

Courtesy Le Mystere

We Tried This, Too: Le Mystere Mama Mia

Who tried it: Rennie Dyball, Senior Editor

Why she did it: When I received a pitch for a nursing bra from a lingerie brand I wore in my pre-baby days, I had to find out if the worlds could combine.

Pros: This is one good-looking bra. The mesh and memory foam Mama Mia looks more like lingerie than postpartum wear–a welcome aesthetic change after a year of wearing shapeless (albeit very comfortable) nursing bras. It’s got one-handed, pull-down clips and the wide band is flattering. The memory foam feels like it would prevent any kind of leak-through and you can easily tuck in disposable nursing pads. If you want to feel supported and sexy on a night out but have the convenience of a clip-down for nursing as well, this is a great choice.

Cons: In my experience, there’s a reason most nursing bras are on the formless side: because it’s easy to pull them down and out of the way while you’re dealing with babies and boobs. Since the Mama Mia has molded cups, it’s significantly harder to wedge them out of the way for feedings. This isn’t a bra I’d wear every day.

The verdict: For the average mom looking for a nursing bra, I wouldn’t suggest such a souped-up model. When it comes to breastfeeding mileage, go for the reliable sedan, rather than the sports car. However, if you’ve got a wedding or other formal event while you’re nursing, or if you just want to treat yourself to something special to feel sexy, the Mama Mia is a sleek and chic multitasker.

Cost: $62.00 and available at Lemystere.com.

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