August 24, 2014 10:00 AM

Courtesy Radio Flyer

We Tried It: Radio Flyer’s Build-a-Trike

Who tried it: Rennie Dyball, Senior Editor

Why she did it: Now that my daughter is 1, I thought it would be fun to let her branch out beyond her stroller and take a tricycle for a spin.

Pros: Our trike arrived during a particularly fussy period, so my husband and I both agreed that the grumpy one would probably be indifferent to her new wheels. Boy, were we wrong. She loved tooling around the apartment in her trike, pointing out the sights and ringing the little bell. We had fun customizing it for her, too. We included add-ons like a parent handle to push and steer, and a wraparound tray, seat pad and seat belt to make it safe and secure for such a little rider. The best part: The add-ons can all be removed as she gets older, making the Radio Flyer Build-a-Trike a good investment, suitable for ages 9 months to 5 years. You can even trick out your trike with multiple color and pattern options, and fancy upgrades like speakers, air tires, personalized license plate and a UV-blocking canopy.

Cons: The trike itself, with no add-ons, is $75. That’s not cheap as it is, and the more you add, the more the costs add up as well. Be sure to set aside at least an hour for assembly, too. Finally, the trike doesn’t fold, so it’ll take up some real estate in your home or garage, especially if the parent handle is attached.

The verdict: Radio Flyer’s Build-a-Trike would make a fantastic gift for a special occasion, and customizing it with an older child would be fun as well. I can see my little one enjoying this for years to come. But given the cost, it’s probably best to buy it when your child is younger, so they can grow with their trike and justify the price.

Cost: $75 to $215 depending on customization. Visit the Build-a-Trike site here.

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