June 29, 2014 07:45 PM

Courtesy BabyBjörn

We Tried It: BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light

Who tried it: Rennie Dyball, senior editor

Why she did it: I’ve heard many raves about this travel crib, so with a beach trip on the itinerary, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Pros: From opening the box to sitting my daughter down inside this newest version of BabyBjörn’s crib/play yard took all of two minutes. Seriously.

To borrow an Apple buzzword, the setup was completely “intuitive,” and the mini crib sheets I had in the closet from her daycare days fit the mattress perfectly. At 13 lbs., the Travel Crib Light lives up to its name, and it folds up almost impossibly small into its own carrying case. What more could you want for travel?

My 10-month-old seems to be very comfy in it, which is, of course, the deal breaker! I also really like the simple, clean look, so I don’t mind having it in the living room for those times that I need to corral my crazy crawler.

Cons: This is a smaller travel crib than some others, so for some babies and toddlers, it might not provide quite enough real estate (the dimensions are 32″ x 44″ x 24″). It’s also quite pricey at $239.99-$300, depending on where you purchase.

The verdict: For families who travel, need a play yard for the living room, or both, this travel crib is a great investment, and it’s got a nice shelf life, suitable from birth to 3 years. You’re not going to find many options that are this easy to set up and carry around. Plus, it doesn’t scream “a baby lives here!” if it lives in your living room.

Cost: MSRP is $299.99, though better deals can be found online. A list of some of the vendors can be found here.


Courtesy BabyBjörn

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