WallPops: Eye-Popping Art For Your Kids' Room

Here’s a fun way to liven up the nursery or any kids’ room (or bathroom) without putting a huge dent in your wallet OR your free time (we might all wish we had weeks for that redecorating project, but with our crazy schedules, let’s get real): WallPops and ZooWallogy from Brewster Home Fashions let you just peel, stick and enjoy.

For her birthday, my 4-year-old daughter wanted to make some changes to her room – and of course, she wanted to help make them. After imagining gallons of paint on the floors, walls and furniture, not to mention my daughter’s clothes, hands and hair, we discovered the perfect solution – WallPops to the rescue. She happily peeled off the brightly colored elephant and salamanders from their ZooWallogy collection ($25) and smacked them on her wall. And, although the exotic animals definitely went on safari as she selected multiple locations before deciding on the perfect spot, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they stayed stuck without any peeling up from the edges or sides.

We also grabbed some whimsical “Heart of Hearts” WallPops ($10), featuring heart shapes in pink and in blue with green squiggles, and proceeded to place them around her room, including her closet door. A friend who stopped by later thought we’d actually painted the hearts on the walls, they blended so well without looking like press-ons. WallPops also come in rolls for decorating in continuous blocks (without the measuring and painting). We had a fun room re-do for under $50 and a happy, harmonious 30 minutes without any residual clean-up or fall-out.

WallPops and ZooWallogy are available at select retailers nationwide or online at www.wall-pops.com.

— Alicia

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