Watch what happens when an adorable little girl encounters an ice patch for the first time

By Kelli Bender
Updated November 15, 2013 08:00 AM

Seeing your town transformed into a winter wonderland is one of the savored joys of this chilly season, but these scenic snowscapes come with their hazards. One toddler learned that lesson the hard – but also adorable – way.

Clad in the sweetest of pink snow suits, the little girl in this video is about to have her first encounter with ice. Her initial steps onto the patch quickly become a tentative tap dance of joy. “This is fun!” she seems to think, as her hands go up in the air followed by a few more quick shuffles. Could we have the next Michelle Kwan on our hands?

But stepping on the slippery stuff isn’t enough. In typical curious kid fashion, this future ice dancer wants to reach down and touch her new discovery. It’s at this point that gravity and ice come together, and THUMP. Don’t worry, little one: Every figure-skating great has a few falls. And if yours are all this cute, you have nothing to worry about.