Vince Vaughn Jokes His Son Might Regret Watching Frozen on Repeat

"I'm sure we'll get an earful as he gets older," Vaughn tells PEOPLE of his son

Vince Vaughn likes to see the world through his daughter’s eyes sometimes.

At the Los Angeles premiere of Disney On Ice‘s Frozen, he was all too happy accompanying daughter Locklyn Kyla, 5 on Friday, and son Vernon Lindsay to the live show.

“My daughter does watch [Frozen] like a job,” the actor, 45, joked to PEOPLE.

“I think if you see it through your kids and the excitement that they get, that’s fun.”

Vince Vaughn daughter son Disney on Ice

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The movie Frozen and it’s characters have found a spot in the Vaughn household in more ways than one. Apart from watching, the actor and his daughter’s playtime is also inspired by the family film.

“We play a game where she will freeze me and I’ll freeze and then she’ll kiss me and I’ll be moving. Then I’ll get frozen very quickly and then we’ll repeat,” Vaughn says, adding he doesn’t always have a lot of notice before the game starts.

“She’s got the wig on and singing songs and I take that to be game time. She’s just being Elsa and she’s freezing people if they try to get close to her.”

Though the game is fun, Vaughn sees the obsession with the film as a potential problem for 2-year-old son Vernon. “I’m sure we’ll get an earful as he gets older,” he says. “Like, ‘Heaven forbid someone would put on a show that I might be interested in.’ ”

But for now, Vernon is really not at all terrible as his age alone might suggest.

“He’s been good actually,” Vaughn says. “He has a few words he likes to say. It’s that age where you’re learning words and pointing to stuff.”

— Raha Lewis

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