Victoria Beckham attempts to explain baby making

Check out this hilarious video from late 2003 where Victoria Beckham is interviewed by two little boys asking some tough questions, and Victoria answers them all.

After confirming that she and David Beckham lifted son Romeo‘s name from Shakespeare, she is then asked about them naming their son Brooklyn after where he was conceived – and they want to know what the word means! Victoria explains, then is broadsided again when asked about having more kids. She says, "I definitely want to have more babies, not just yet, but I definitely want more babies," (they had not yet had Cruz) and is then asked by the boys if she and David are making more babies at the moment! She tells them that she and David are practicing, which "is really good fun."

Watch the video to the end to see Victoria have a sword fight with the boys – she looks like such a fun mom!

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