Victoria Recaño On Baby Names, Closet Cleaning, and a Birth Plan

The long nine months of a pregnancy are often accompanied with an equally long list of justified complaints from the mama-to-be; For The Insider‘s Victoria Recaño, her only complaint is that she doesn’t have any!

Due with her first child — a baby girl — next month, Victoria admits that the pregnancy journey has “been such a great experience so far” and is hopeful she is not living the infamous calm before the storm! “I said I hope it’s an indication of how good the baby’s going to be. We’ll see,” she tells Pregnancy.

Whether her forecast for the future pans out or not, Victoria is focusing her final stages of pregnancy on preparing for the arrival of her daughter. While she and her husband Tom Burwell have yet to finalize any names, Victoria shares that the baby’s alias is Coco, with the occasional use of Coco Puff. “It’s like one of those things where we really didn’t want to announce any official name because we were afraid we’d get too many official opinions,” explains Victoria.

Reluctant to admit that she now finds herself maintaining 45-minute conversations regarding stroller brands with some of her closest friends and fellow moms, Victoria laughs that her previous priorities of keeping up with national news seems to have taken a back burner. “It’s changed, it’s gone from the stock market and what’s going on in the real estate world to the latest baby gadget and what’s the hottest necessity for an infant right now,” shares Victoria, adding, “but it’s fun, I like it.”

When Victoria is ready to make her final decisions and stock up on the many baby gadgets, there will certainly be plenty of room in her newly organized closet! After trouble sleeping at 5 a.m., Victoria found it to be the “perfect time” to sift through her clothes and do a “major Goodwill/Salvation Army donation.” Wrapping up with her own closet, the mom-to-be moved on to her daughter’s room and closet, organizing “things to get rid of, things to make space for her stuff.” One item that will definitely be taking up much of that space, according to Victoria, is her baby girl’s shoes — as her collection is already growing!

“She’s already got three pairs of shoes. I know, funny, right? And I’ve got some dresses and some cute, like, little fun casual clothes. The clothing is great, cause girls are so fun to shop for.”

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It seems like Victoria isn’t the only celebrity with babies on the brain. Experiencing a surplus of warm wishes and belly rubs during her interviews, she reveals that the “universal theme” for parenthood advice has been to simply stop and “savor the moment.” A tidbit that stands out? That of actor Tom Cruise!

“It was cute, Tom Cruise was actually pretty sweet, he said, ‘I have better advice for your husband,’ which was kind of fun. He told my husband, ‘Every morning when you wake up, you need to ask [Victoria], “What can I do?”‘ He said it directly to my husband so I really love that. Of course I’m going to keep that one. And he said though for me, ‘It is a beautiful experience. Nothing better in the world. Enjoy it.'”

Still unsure of her birth plan other than “the baby goes right to the chest,” Victoria laughs that between the advice from her mother and her savvy husband, who is currently reading The Expectant Father, the mama-to-be seems to have it all under control. As an excited Victoria is taking a casual approach to the epidural — “I’m planning on seeing how it goes and what my pain threshold is” — and has ultimately ruled out her previous wishes for an episiotomy; she jokes that, in the end, her only hope is that Tom stays standing at her side!

“Part of our birth plan is, my husband’s not so great with blood, I’m not even kidding you. I said to him, ‘Sweetie, listen, if you feel like you need to step out, that’s okay.’ I really don’t want him to pass out.”

Source: Pregnancy Magazine; March issue

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