Vera Farmiga Recalls 'Desperation' for Motherhood

Life on the farm continues to suit Vera Farmiga and family just fine. In a new interview with PARADE, the 35-year-old Orphan star says that the upstate New York home she shares with husband Renn Hawkey and the couple’s 6 ½-month-old son Fynn gives her a “great perspective.”

Noting that Renn — a musician and woodworker — made Fynn’s crib by hand, Vera goes on to share that when she signed on for the film she was “desperately trying to get pregnant and wanting to be a mother.” In researching the role, Vera found herself perusing grief Web sites where women detail the emotional aftermath of a miscarriage.

“You realize what it takes to put back the pieces of a broken heart after experiencing that. It was eye-opening to feel their ache, and you desperately hope it’s something you won’t experience.”

Shortly after the film wrapped, Vera welcomed Fynn via emergency c-section. “There were no complications,” she explains, “so I was thankful for that.”

A byproduct of a large family herself, Vera says that her mom has been an excellent role model. “I’ve sort of been studying her my whole life so I knew what to expect,” she says before adding,

“But the funny part is, since having my son Fynn, I don’t remember what life was like before parenthood.”

Orphan is in theaters now.

Source: PARADE

— Missy

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