By the time most women reach their eighth month of pregnancy, they’re ready to throw in the towel — but not so for Vera Farmiga. "It blows my mind," said the 35-year-old actress during a recent appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. "I mean, there’s a naked human inside of me!"

When asked whether she’d taken a Lamaze class — something she characterized as "breathing for dummies" — Vera didn’t directly answer, but she did reveal that she recently pre-registered at the hospital where she hopes to deliver her first child, a son. "They asked me if I had [a plan]," she explained. "I said, the plan is he’s inside me, and he needs to come out…as quickly as possible." When the nurse looked at Vera like she "was totally unprepared," Vera returned home and began researching birth plans on the Internet. It was then that she discovered the practice of placenta eating. "I live with tree huggers and fairies…so it’s not so unusual in my neck of the woods," she said.

Baby-on-the-way is also the first child for Vera’s husband Renn Hawkey, of Deadsy. Vera’s new film — The Boy in the Striped Pajamas — is in theaters November 14th.