We are looking for sponsors for our Second Annual Reader Survey/Giveaway. This year we are striving for maximum response so we are trying to get the best prizes possible. We are looking for sponsors to donate a minimum of $100 worth of product to be given to our readers plus we would appreciate two items for the site staff.

In return, in all posts about the Survey/Giveaway on the Celebrity Baby Blog you will receive a sentence about the brand, one sentence about the product(s) being given away, a link back to your site and an image of the items being given away. You will also need to handle fulfillment.

If you would like to be a sponsor, please email me with your text and image in the following format by February 15th.

Your company name:
Contact person’s name:
Contact person’s email:
Product(s) being given away:
Graphic of product(s) being given away:
Link to your website:
Link to the product(s) on your website:
Sentence about your site:
Sentence about the product(s) being given away: