Vegas is Home for the Osmonds

Following her stint on Dancing with the Stars three seasons ago, singer Marie Osmond joined forces with her brother Donny Osmond to perform at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. When she agreed to take the stage in Las Vegas, the 49-year-old knew that the only way that it would work was if she brought her family with her. Marie packed up and moved to Las Vegas with her six youngest children — Rachel Lauren, 19, Michael Brian, 17, Brandon Warren, 12, Brianna Patricia, 11, Matthew Richard, 9 and Abigail Michelle, 6.

Prior to agreeing to do the show, Marie checked to make sure that the community the family would be living in would be a good one. “Where I live in Las Vegas, it feels more like Orange County than the Strip. It is a very nice family community,” says Marie, adding that “I had to know this to be a great place for my children.” Now that the Donny & Marie show has been extended for two more years, Marie is also turning her focus to creating a new television talk show. However, she will not be moving to the West or East coast, but instead will keep her family based in Vegas because “I am a single mom.”

“It is important I am with them in the morning to get them off to school. While they are in school, I will go do the show and be home when they get back. I can give them dinner and put them to bed and then head off to the Flamingo to do my show. So, we are sure it is Vegas.”

Marie is not only a performer, but she is also a writer. After suffering through postpartum depression, Marie partnered with Marcia Wilkie and Dr. Judith Moore to write the book Behind the Smile in 1999. In her interview with Los Angeles Times, Marcia was asked if she agreed with Tom Cruise‘s statements regarding the use of anti-depressants to overcome postpartum depression, to which she replied that “My book was way before that. For me, all I could do was get out of bed, wash my face and go back to bed.” However, “I think nutrition has a lot to do with depression. But I also believe if you can’t get out of bed, if your life is darker than dark, you need something to help you through. So I can’t say I agree with everything he said.”

Marie is also mom to Stephen James, 25, and Jessica Marie, 21.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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