October 17, 2014 10:00 AM

Stephanie Laing always starts her day off with a motivational message to her kids: “Put your pretty on.”

So when the Veep producer’s daughter Patterson came to her with an idea that would take the family’s signature slogan to a whole new level, the proud mama was immediately on board.

Combining her dream of jewelry designing with her love of animals, Patterson started sketching ideas of potential pooches she could then transform into timeless pieces.

And after more than a year of planning, Patterson, backed by her biggest supporter — her mom! — launched PuPPy by Patterson, a luxe line of silver and gold necklaces that can be customized with a birth stone.

Courtesy PuPPy

“Once again, my children impress me and are much cooler than I ever was as a kid,” Laing writes on her website.

But the 9-year-old entrepreneur is doing more than chasing her dreams; Each month she will donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity of her choice.

“Creating PuPPY is one of the ways I put my pretty on,” says Patterson of her debut collection, which is made to order in Los Angeles and “ready to go to a good home” less than a month later.

“I could care less if she makes any money, I just want her to have this experience,” writes Laing. “She had an idea and she followed through, and she’s 9. Watch her go people. She is on her way.”

Courtesy PuPPy

— Anya Leon


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