By peoplestaff225
Updated December 09, 2008 02:00 PM

Appearing at Allstate Insurance Company’s Home for the Holidays event with her 15-year-old son Devin to promote the Allstate Parent-Teen Driving Contract, Vanessa Williams says her four kids are granted no special treatment despite being the children of an actress. Having "established a good sense of self" with her brood — including daughters Melanie, 21, Jillian, 19, and Sasha, 8 ½ — Vanessa is hopeful that her family, who is "not easily swayed," will not succumb to the inevitable peer pressure many teenagers face as they gain more independence.

While Devin happily signed the contract alongside his mom, Vanessa’s car policy for her teenagers may mean that her only son will be borrowing the family vehicle for some time! Believing that "getting your own car is a privilege," Vanessa is happy to help her children get their first car — used, not new — once they have complied with her set standards.

However, despite her strict rules that are met with "consequences" if broken, the 45-year-old admits that she is a fair mom who ensures her children are given the chance to make their own mistakes. "I allow my kids to have freedom and allow them to explore life. I’m not extremely rigid, but they do know there are consequences with every action," explains Vanessa.

Source: OK!