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Updated April 11, 2007 09:05 PM

Valerie Bertinelli was featured in People Magazine last week talking about her new weight loss goal through Jenny Craig. She has decided to take on her 30 pound weight loss goal with her son, Wolfgang, 16, with ex-Eddie Van Halen. Valerie explained to People how it was almost impossible to avoid weight gain while she was raising her young son, saying,

After years of this pattern, Valerie noticed both her and her son were gaining weight and she decided they would both go on Jenny Craig. Of the diet, Wolf told People,

Wolf also talked about how proud he is of his mom.

Wolf is a sophomore in high school and is a guitarist. He often plays bass in his dad’s band and was planning to go on tour with dad and Van Halen this summer until Eddie checked into rehab for alcoholism in March.

Source: People MagazineApril 16th issue, pg. 109

Have you and your kids lost weight together?