By peoplestaff225
Updated July 25, 2008 05:00 AM

By starting at a young age with their children, most parents hope that the ‘what to do in case of an emergency’ lessons they teach their kids will save them — or their friends — when the time comes. Val Kilmer‘s daughter, Mercedes, recently was put into a 911-situation of her own when one of her best friends got high and suddenly passed out during a night-on-the-town to see a concert. Luckily for Val’s 16-year-old daughter, she had her cell phone on hand and called the first person she could: her dad.

The 48-year-old actor, who was on his way into the movies with his son, Jack, remembers the night well, saying, "She didn’t know what was going on [and] called 911 … she’s going back and forth on calls with me." As a father of two kids, Val’s first reaction was to help his daughter and try to get numbers of friend’s parents while the ambulance took the girl to the hospital. Although the teenager did flat-line in the ambulance, paramedics "zapped her back to life because of my daughter, and probably at least saved her from whatever percentage of brain damage and maybe saved her life."

For now, if Mercedes wants to call her dad for help again, it will have to be long distance as she is in France at the moment. Sending out a message to his daughter, Val jokingly went on to say,

Source: OK! Magazine; Photo by Jesse Grant/WireImage.