Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow: Support For Your Pregnant Back and Belly

As if to prepare expectant mothers of the sleepless nights ahead, that beautiful belly becomes a metaphorical bed of nails, preventing mamas-to-be from a truly comfortable sleeping position. Thankfully the compassionate souls at Utterly Yours (makers of the Utterly Yours Breast Pillow) know your pain. Thus, the Pregnancy Pillow ($40-55).

If you have wrestled with cumbersome body pillows, it will be hard to believe this attractive foam cube is going to assist your drift off to dreamland. But unhook the charming fabric covered button and the cube opens to two triangle wedges connected by a swath of fabric. Lay between them, and voila! Your back is supported on one side and that precious tummy will love having a little pillow of its very own in front. Plus, you can pick your favorite fabric cover. Luxurious sleep… so sad you’ll be leaving when the baby is born!

— Alix

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