Usher says son will be 'a lady-killer'

Since wife Tameka gave birth to his first child and namesake, 4-week-old Usher Raymond V, R&B singer Usher has become acutely aware of the stark differences between pre-baby and post-baby life.

I think I’m learning how selfish I really can be as an individual.  Man, before you just get up and go everyday and you work people into oblivion — and I do.  But when you have a child it’s like, ‘Wow!’ All of this time now goes toward making sure that one, he has the milk that he needs. He’s being burped properly. Diapers are being changed — and Lord knows he has let me have it! I am changing diapers!

It was his prowess in the diaper changing department that led friend Jermaine Dupri to tell Usher, "You’re officially a daddy, dog!" — which Usher, 29, says has been the funniest moment of fatherhood for him so far. Although official photographs of Usher V have not yet been released, Usher shared a photo he took himself with a newspaper reporter, who reveals that the baby "may have more hair than his daddy." Taking pictures of Usher V has become a passion for Usher, who said he develops the film himself. While showing off photographs of the baby taking his first bath, Usher proudly said,

It looks like he’s posing, doesn’t it?  I wonder where he gets that from.  He’s going to be a lady-killer. 

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

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