Update on today's site issues

Readers may have noticed that we were posting much less than usual today, but it was through no fault of our own! Our host, Typepad, experienced technical difficulties for much of the day, and comments and new posts could not be made, while previously posted articles from earlier this morning were removed. Everything should now be back to normal, but you may want to scroll down and check to see if you missed some stories, or re-enter comments on this morning’s posts that may have disappeared. For reference, the following posts had comments deleted: Dayna Devon expecting second child, Jack Nicholson dines with daughter, Real Worlder’s expecting fourth child, and Nick Nolte and son settle lawsuit.

I’ve received emails from a few readers telling me they’re still having trouble commenting – this should be fixed by later Thursday morning. You can check to see if Typepad (our host) and Typekey (the commenting system) are working by clicking here. All buttons on the left hand side should be green – if they are red instead, the system is down. Thanks for your patience while we update CBB.

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