By peoplestaff225
March 24, 2007 09:24 AM

As we reported earlier this month, Johnny Depp’s 7 year old daughter, Lily Depp, was hospitalized for nine days, after coming down with a ‘mystery illness.’ It is now revealed that the mystery illness was in fact an E. coli infection. E.coli is a type of food poisoning that is commonly caused by improperly cooked meat, unpasteurized milk or water contamination. It is a bacteria which normally lives inside the intestines where it helps break down and digest food. But certain strains can get into the blood causing a rare but very serious infection. A source close to Johnny said:

This has of course shaken up what appears to be a very close family. It was reported that Johnny and Lily’s mother, Vanessa Paradis, held a bedside vigil for their daughter in the hospital. He has spoken in the past about what it means to him to be a father:

Filming will resume next week for Johnny’s latest movie Sweeney Todd.

Source: Daily Mail, Female First

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Do you know anyone who contracted E. coli?