Update: Husband Jerry Solomon, 53, tells People,

The only person unsure of the pregnancy is toddler son Brian, 2 ½.

Nancy and Jerry have their own decision to ponder — should they find out the sex of the baby?

Update January 6th: Nancy Kerrigan, 38, confirmed on CN8 last evening that she is expecting her third child, due in May.

The new baby will join Clay, 18, from Jerry’s previous marriage, as well as Matthew, 11, and Brian, 2 ½.

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Update December 15th: CBB reader Cheryl wrote us, telling that she also saw Nancy and thought that the former figure skater is expecting,

Originally posted December 7th: CBB reader Amy wrote us, telling that Olympic-winner figure skater Nancy Kerrigan, 38, might be expecting her third child. Amy wrote,