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Things should be running normally now!

If you come across other technical issues, post a comment to let us know. Please state your operating system (Windows Vista, XP, Mac Leopard, OSX, etc) and browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc) in your comment — it helps with troubleshooting.

Click below for the original post on the change and previous updates.

Update March 5th:

  • Removed widget which was slowing down load time.
  • Some posts between indexes 2 and 3 have been ‘eaten’ due to problems with coding. Here’s what’s not on the index pages.

Sorry for the inconvenience — thanks for your patience.

Updates March 3rd:

  • Danielle is in Vegas for the MOM2BE show and won’t be home until Thursday, so not much may be worked on between now and then.
  • Yes, we know pages 3+ have ten repeat posts, and that page 9 is areplica of 8 — we’re trying to fix. Please scroll past what youalready read for now … sorry, we know it’s a pain!
  • If you’re on a PC and having trouble with pages popping up or textin layers over each other, try clearing your cache — it’s worked formany readers so far.


  • Removed list of posts at the bottom of the page.
  • Added …Back to go to the previous page.
  • Added scrollbar to link lists on left sidebar.
  • Category clicks now arranged by links instead of full posts.
  • Made ‘popular sections’ pull down on top menu.
  • Archives moved to top right of page.

Still working on:

  • Trying to add back links opening in a new window.
  • Trying to figure out why Back and More links open in new windows for certain readers.
  • Some pull down categories not displaying correctly.
  • Some pages displaying text in layers over each other.
  • Originally posted February 28th: Thanks to Tracey over at Mamapop and Sweetney, I hacked a little code to make reading the Celebrity Baby Blog a lot easier. Ten posts load on the first page and then at the bottom, you can click More…to go to the next page, which are at 15-20 per page right now. So farI’ve coded 9 pages and will continue throughout the next few days, butat some point, you will get a ‘Not Found’ message.

    Reducing the number of posts per page speeds up the page load timeand should increase your enjoyment of the site. To those who don’t wantto have to keep clicking to go to the next page, I’m really sorry, butit’s either clicking to go to the next page or waiting for the page toload – someone is going to complain either way.

    If you missed the post on our change from 4 to 3 columns, click here.

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