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Originally posted July 31st: In the Aug. 7 issue of the UK’s OK! magazine, Katie ‘Jordan’ Price and Peter Andre reveal that their 4-week-old daughter Princess Tiaamii has a fiery temper and a fiery mane to match.


On the birth: I could have gone natural, but I was more at risk of my uterus rupturing because it was weak from having a cesarean with Junior. I thought, ‘With the luck I have, I’m not going to risk it.’ I thought I would book in for a cesarean the week before my due date and if I went into labor naturally before that, then I would go for [a natural birth like with Harvey] and see how it went.

I was so scared about the epidural needle. I cried. I couldn’t help it. I was worried I would panic. Then I was thinking, ‘Don’t waste time, just get it done.’ Then I was alright, then I was crying. I thought the quicker I sit down and take it, the sooner we will get our baby girl. No pain, no gain. Pete was really good and so was the doctor, and it didn’t hurt at all in the end.

The weirdest thing for me was feeling my bottom half go numb and then suddenly four people were lifting my legs up, all peering between my legs, then they stuck a catheter in me. You have no dignity!

They put a screen up so you don’t see what’s happening and I just looked down and saw this head hanging out of my belly. They said, ‘In 20 seconds you will have your baby’ and I was like ‘Look down, I can see her looking at me with her face all screwed up!” Then they pulled her out. They were so good, though. I’ve got no bruising, I’ve just got a tiny little scar.


Peter, however, had a different point of view from above the curtain, saying,

Well, it looks pretty horrific. They make this delicate cut like a papercut and then they put their hands in and rip it apart. Then they pop thewater and it just goes everywhere! It’s so weird with two extremes onthe two sides of the screen. It does something to your mind. Above thescreen is really serene and below is like the Texas chainsaw massacre!

[But] it was an amazing experience. I bawled my eyes out. I got to cut the umbilical cord again which was such a beautiful thing. I’ve never seen Katie show so much love.


On holding Tiaamii for the first time: After suffering from postpartum depression after Junior’s birth in 2005, it was extremely important for Katie to be able to bond with her daughter immediately.

They never put Junior on me. It was the same doctors and I think they were worried because they were like ‘Put the baby on her! Put the baby on her!’ I’m being so careful. We went to a barbecue the other day and people wanted to hold her and I was saying, ‘I’m not being funny, but sorry, no.’ I didn’t want to be cruel, it’s just that I so don’t want to get post natal depression again. I’m just taking it as it comes. A load of hormones have been shed out of me.


Peter adds: ‘I’ve never seen Katie so happy. If I’m honest, I think she still had the post-natal depression up until this baby was born and as soon as she was born it was like I had the Kate back that I first met. She is so happy. I feel like I’ve got my baby and my babe.’


On breastfeeding: When asked, Katie shares that she has decided not to nurse. Instead, she’s using disposable bottles, which she finds helpful.

It’s brilliant — I have 20 crates of teats and bottles. I don’t have to sterilize or heat anything, you literally take the teat out of the pack, screw it on, throw it away. I don’t care what people say – you don’t have to breast-feed. They gave me a tablet that dries your milk up so my boobs haven’t hurt or leaked or anything. I don’t want a baby drinking from me — the thought of it makes me feel really funny. I think only a certain person could handle my knockers!

Peter adds, ‘Junior didn’t breast-feed and he’s turned out fine.’


On the feeding routine: At the beginning, Katie said she wanted to do everything, but Peter takes the 11 pm and 6 am bottles. Katie says,

He does the 6 am feed when I’m dead to the world.I want Pete to get his sleep. I’d rather be the one who suffers than anyone else in the house. I feel like I’m the only one who can handle it and Pete’s horrible when he’s overtired.

Peter adds, ‘I really admire her for wanting to do it. She does them allthrough the day and the 3 am feed. I sometimes do the 11 pm and usuallythe 6 am.’


On their daughter’s personality: Describing the baby as ‘moody,’ Katie says that Princess already has her mommy ‘wrapped around my little finger. When she’s annoyed she does these squeals like a dinosaur. If she screams I come running.’

Peter says, ‘She’s like Kate — moody but cute. And she’s so into her mummy.’


On her features: Princess’red hair — referred to as ‘ginger’ in the UK — and blue eyes differquite marke
dly from the physical features of her older brothers Junior, 2, and Harvey, 5; With no other known red-headed members of their extended family, new dad Peter Andre quipped that although he "did not know where the ginger comes from," the couple "had a ginger gardener."


All joking aside, ‘gingers’ have at times been the subject of taunts and ridiculein the UK, a phenomenon often referred to as ‘gingerism.’ The prospectof Princess being mistreated simply because of the color of her hair isnot lost on Katie.

She looks really different from the other kids. I love her anyway,even if she’s a ginge!  Actually I think when people are horrible aboutpeople with red hair, that’s as bad as being racist. She’s got Greek, Spanish, Italian, American and English. And Ginge!


The couple remarks that all their children look so different that they could do a United Colors of Benetton ad — and then trade barbs about each other’s plastic surgery in relation to their son Junior.

Katie, he’s got your teeth though — before you had them done.

And his nose looks like Pete’s — before he had his nose job.


On her name: Another sensitive issue is Princess’ name,which Katie proudly stands by despite criticism by others. Peter and Katie say you can call her either Tiaamii or Princess, but Katie warns,

I don’t want anyone to shorten it to Tia or Ti because I’ll have a go at them.


On changing her moniker: Katie says both mothers loved their grand-daughter being named after them, but Katie’s mom worries about teasing, saying, ‘Poor girl when she’s older, being called Princess. Katie, however, is not concerned, and says Princess is free to change her name if she wants to, just as Katie herself did.

Well, kids will always find things to tease other kids about. So if it’s not her name it will be something else. I changed mine legally when I was 17 from Katrina to Katie, so I wouldn’t mind [if she wanted to change it].


On having a daughter after two sons: Katie admits she’s finding the new ‘equipment’ a bit daunting.

Changing her nappy was a bit weird at first because she’s got more bits to clean. It was weird for Pete and I was like ‘Oh my god. I’ve never seen a miniature ninny!’ I know it sounds crude but I’m used to doing boys — you give them a wipe and make sure the willy points down and that’s it. With a girl there’s more to it.


On Harvey’s reaction: Harvey, who has a health condition called septo-optic dysplasia, which causes blindness, weight issues, and cognitive delays, hasn’t had much of a reaction to his new sister.

He doesn’t really give a monkey’s [butt], he’s not bothered. He just goes ‘sister’ and then makes a noise like ‘Wah wah’ mimicking her crying. He’s going through a phase at the moment where he doesn’t like leaving his room. He’s really isolating himself. He can’t bear any noise at the moment.

Katie adds, ‘I’m really upset about Harvey at the moment.’


On Junior’s reaction to Tiaamii: ‘Junior is obsessed withher. He’s so gentle and wants to help in every way. He kisses her,holds her hand, cuddles her, and it’s so nice to see. I don’t thinkhe’s jealous one bit. We let him get involved.’

Sources: Metro, This Is Derbyshire; OK!

Thanks to CBB reader Sophie for scans and Heather for the interview.

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