Update: Jon Dalton and Michelle Deighton expecting a daughter

Update: Jon and Michelle have chosen the name Piper Addison for their daughter, due January 26th.

Piper has found my kidney and ribs! Usually I’m the one that has thehiccups, but she’s been getting them a lot lately. Piper is now 15 incheslong and about three and a half pounds. I have started seeing thedoctor every two weeks, pretty soon I’ll have to start see him everyweek. I still haven’t gaineda lot of weight. 95% of all the weight I’ve gained is all the stuffPiper needs and the rest is in my butt!

As of right now I plan on going all natural, which means no painmedication what-so-ever, but then again in hour number 8 I may change mymind a little. I know I can do it, but of course like every pregnantwoman, I’m worried about the possibility of things going wrong. Iknow that nothing is going to go wrong, but if it came down to a choiceof me or her, I going to tell them to save her. Now Iunderstand why people are always get attacked by bears for getting inbetween her and her cubs.

People may tell me, ‘Butyou can have another baby.’ Yes, I know I can have more kids, but I cannever have another Piper Addison Dalton. She has a name, she has aheart beat, her room is ready and do you know how much that crib was?Jon can’t fit into it, so Piper has no choice but to come out healthy(and pretty of course!) but healthy is the main thing.

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Update October 3rd: The couple have announced that they are expecting a daughter, due January 26th. Michelle blogs,

It’s a girl!!! Jon and I really wanted a boy, but as soon as I found outI was pregnant, all I saw around town was little girls, so I kind of knewit was a girl. We had a couple different boy names and only one girlname picked out. His mom is already buying pink stuff, she’s nevergotten to buy for a little girl before!

I’m about 23 weeks right now — like five months. My tummy is huge! It feels like she isriver dancing inside there. I’ve been having some mood swings. Oneminute, I’ll be walking on clouds and the next I’ll be crying andwondering what am I going to do. Now I know what my parents feel like! (They have four kids.)

No matter what kind of mood swing I’m having,I know this baby is the greatest thing to ever happen to me and Jon. Wecould go on to rule the world, but no thing is greater than this righthere. This baby has already changed our lives in a huge way. I can’twatch baby shows without crying at the end when the baby’s born. I’malready having nightmares about stuff too! I get really, reallystressed out sometimes. Without Jon, I would be going crazy by now.

I just signed with Expecting Models, it’s a pregnant modelingagency. I’m not use to people telling me to push my tummy out, I alwayshave people say suck it in, so that was a little weird, but a nicechange. Oh the craziness…

Update September 15th: Michelle has written a blog about the pregnancy on her MySpace page. Click the extended post to read it.

Originally posted September 10th: Another reality show baby is on the way! Survivor: Pearl Island‘s Jon Dalton, 33, and America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 4‘s Michelle Deighton,21, are expecting their first child. The couple have been dating fortwo years; Michelle is currently 17 weeks along. In a statement to TMZ,’Jonny Fairplay,’ known for his lies and manipulation on Survivor, said,

Michelle and I couldn’t be happier and I wouldn’t LIE about that!

Source: TMZ

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Baby Fairplay is on the way…Oops. Yes, I’m serious and No, I’m not stupid. I was on the birth control shot. It just decided not to work!

Okay, so here are how things went down. I was on the shot and I thought it was working…it wasn’t! My boobs started getting bigger, I started feeling nauseous and I gained a little bit of weight. I started working out to lose the few pounds I had gained and every time I worked out I got really short of breath. But I thought it was because I never done yoga before, so I thought I just had to get use to it. I ended up going to the doctor for a check-up and told him about what I had been going through…he felt my stomach…he then said he thought I was about two months pregnant. I almost fell off the chair!

I guess the shot is only 97% effective. My body decided that I was going to be in that slim, tiny, little percent that it didn’t work on…great! I had to tell Jon and to tell you the truth I was really, really excited from the start, unbelievable scared also but really happy. He was really, really shocked.

I went to a women’s doctor and he said I’m not two months — try 17 weeks…WOW. So that was about two weeks ago when I found out, and since then my tummy is growing daily. My boobs have gone from a 34B to a 36C. I can’t fit into half my clothes and I’m wearing a lot of comfortable shoes and I’ve invested in wireless bras. (If God wore bras he would wear wireless bras!)

Both of our parents are excited. They are all going to be grandparents for the first time!! My mom is already planning a baby shower, but she won’t tell me when it is because it’s going to be a surprise. I go for my first ultra sound next week on the 18th! We get to find out what sex it is, but I not telling my family until the baby shower and since I have family on Myspace, that means I can’t tell you guys — sorry.

Jon and I are going to set up a baby register this week!! I’m excited because I get to use that scanner thing. We are both hoping for a boy because I grew up around girls, so I think it’s about time I’m around a baby boy. Jon just wants a boy because he just really wants a boy…I don’t think he has ever held a baby, but I could be wrong. All I know is that he is going to make a great father and I’m happy that this happened.

I know I’m only 21, but this isn’t the end of the world — it’s the start of a new one. It didn’t really hit me that I was going to have a baby until I felt it move last week. In that moment everything changed! I’m going to be a mommy!!

I got a baby book that goes though everything and I mean everything! I’m eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. I’m due around January 30th. But I kept hearing that the first baby usual comes late, so who knows. I haven’t decided what type of birth I want, but I’ve been looking. As long as Jon is there I’m happy.

As soon as I get a picture of my belly I’ll show you guys. I can’t think of any thing else to write, but yea I’m excited!! And Jon is excited!! We are thinking of baby names but we don’t want to start thinking about the nursery until we find out what it is.

I think the baby is going to have Jon’s curly hair but it will be dark like mine. I want the baby to have his blue eyes. No matter what, it will be a cute baby.

We just started telling people today and it’s already all over the internet. On TMZ.com and a million other places! Don’t worry, I’m still going to be modeling — pregnant models make more than skinny models!! So everyone — I’m sorry, but yes there is going to be another Jonny Fairplay!! Hahaha!!

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