Update: Giveaway: The Little Seed Launch Party Goody Bag

Update: The winners, and what they do at home to be more eco-friendly, are:

  • Jeanette from Hempstead, NY, who cloth-diapers.
  • Nicole from Poway, CA, who said, "We’ve switched to as many organic products aspossible, we recycle, and we have switched to energy efficient lightbulbs and oven. But, the most eco-friendly thing we have done issimply become conscious about how much energy we are using up — we makesure unnecessary lights are turned off or items are unplugged when notin use."
  • Jennifer from Hillard, OH, who said, "We try and recycle/reuse as much as possible andreally pay attention to packaging (e.g. if there is excessivepackaging, we try not to purchase item or buy it used elsewhere). Tothe end, that we typically have less than a full bag of garbage thatgets picked up by garbage company – even at the holidays, we had lessthan 1/2 a bag of present stuff that wasn’t recyclable. We like toperuse Craig’s List and Freecycle.org if we are looking for something. You’d be amazed at what you can find gently used!"

Our readers do lots of things to leave a smaller footprint on the earth, and many of them are really easy. How many of them do you do? How many do you think you can start doing?

  • eat less or no red meat
  • breastfeeding
  • making own baby food
  • composting
  • turning off lights when they leave the room and unplugging things that aren’t being used (because they still use electricity)
  • cloth diapering their babies or using hybrid diapers like gDiapers
  • bring their own bags to the grocery store (or reuse old ones)
  • recycling as much as possible
  • don’t buy bottled water
  • using non-toxic cleaning supplies like vinegar, lemon and baking soda
  • having a vegetable garden
  • bathing the kids every other day (instead of every day)
  • not running the water when brushing teeth
  • buying organic food when possible
  • using hand me down clothes and toys
  • getting things they need via Freecycle.org and Craigslist.com (and getting rid of things they don’t need that way too)
  • shopping at consignment and thrift stores
  • carpooling or taking public transportation to work
  • riding bicycles
  • using fluorescent light bulbs
  • using cloth rags instead of paper towels
  • using rechargeable batteries
  • driving a hybrid car
  • buying products with minimal packaging
  • consolidating car trips to save gas
  • walking whenever possible
  • watching less TV
  • using cloth napkins
  • buying locally grown food
  • cutting down usage of petroleum-based beauty products

Do you have a simple eco-friendly tip that isn’t listed here? Post it in the comments!

We spoke to Soleil Moon Frye about her venture into retail with the recent opening of her organic baby shop, The Little Seed, her favorite eco-friendly products, and insight into her second pregnancy.


Enter to win one of three goody bags from The Little Seed launch party. The bags include some or all of the following items:

Organic Baby by Kimberly Rider, published by Chronicle Books
Dwellbaby bib and burp set
Seventh Generation chlorine-free diaper wipes
Lavender garden in a bag
Pinxav rash ointment
Elsie’s organic baby wipes
The Little Seed organic onesie
Green to Grow bottle
Kate Quinn Organics onesie
Weleda calendula cream
The Little Seed reusable bag

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