Update: Britney Spears visits with sons, Kevin Federline retains legal and physical custody

Update: Britney had a three hour visit with her sons earlier today.

Update February 22nd: People is reporting that Britney will be permitted to see her children "soon, very soon," after both Britney and Kevin’s lawyer’s negotiated terms over the past two days. Kevin’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said that Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, now 17 months, will once again enjoy,

participation of their mother in their lives. We’re pleased that … the process of reinstating the children’s mother as a participant in their lives can commence.

Britney has not seen her sons since January 3rd.

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Updated January 14th: At a hearing today, it was ruledthat Britney’s visitation with her sons, which had been scaled back to17 hours of court-monitored visits per week prior to her breakdown, issuspended ‘indefinitely,’ with a new hearing scheduled for February 19th and a trial to come in April. Said Kevin’s lawyer,

Theword victory is not something Mr. Federline or his counsel wouldascribe to this situation. His hope is that he will be able to parentthe children at some point in the future with participation from themother.

There is no joyous feeling. This is a grave situation foreverybody. And while we believe Mr. Federline is pleased that the courtdid make an order that we feel is an appropriate, there is no joy in itfor him.

Originally posted January 4th: After last evening’s events, a judge has awarded sole legal and physical custody of Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 15 months, to Kevin Federline, 29, until January 14th, at which time a hearing will be held. The judge said,

Kevin Federline has been awarded sole legal custody and sole physical custody of the minor children. Britney Spears‘ visitation with the minor children is suspended pending further order of the court.

Kevin was previously awarded full custody for a short period in October.

Source: People; People

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