Update: Boom Boom Room Giveaway: The Patchwork Bear

Update: The winners are: Patchwork Lovey Blanket and Minky Patchwork Bear— Emily Self, Smyrna, GA; Always Kiss Me Goodnight Pillow— Genevieve Jurgenson, Willseyville, NY andJessica Benitez, St. Petersburg, FL; Tooth Fairy Pillow— Amanda Carroll, Midland, VA andChristine Krebs, Dayton, OH.

Jennifer Cura had spent her time making baby quilts, teddy bears and blankets for friends who were having babies. Then the requests came in from people wanting to buy her stuff. So she set up shop, creating The Patchwork Bear.

We’re in love with the concept behind her line. If you’ve ever tried to store away baby clothes then you know the battle well, you are able to ditch the completely soiled ones, but you find it hard to detach yourself from others — This one he/she wore when he/she first smiledI loved this outfit on him/her … The list of excuses to save the clothes goes on and you end up with a pile to keep that’s larger then the pile to toss. The Patchwork Bear lets you re-purpose those old baby clothes and without your significant other needing to carve another hole out in the attic for them.


The Patchwork Bear launched the new “Keepsake Collection” at thecelebrity-packed, Boom Boom Room Wonderland event. Transform your baby’s outgrown clothes into aninstant keepsake with a Baby Clothes Bear or Baby Clothes Quilt! ToriSpelling loved the idea of making a keepsake bear out of her littleboy, Liam’s clothes and Denise Richards would like a memory bear madefrom her mother’s clothes. Visit her site to see the whole collection,including Wedding Dress Quilts, photo memory pillow and autographquilts.

You can get the same swag that that celebs received at the Boom Boom Room Wonderland earlier this month. Click Continue Reading for the details and to see photos of The Patchwork Bear at the Boom Boom Room Event.

CBB Deal: To make your shopping bill a bit lighter she’s also extending a coupon code to CBB readers, for 15% off anything at thepatchworkbear.com. Just use coupon code "CBB" at checkout to redeem, the offer expires 3/1/2008.


GIVEAWAY 1 (one winner will be selected):The Patchwork “Textures” Baby Gift Set. The gift set includes apersonalized Pastel Dot Lovey Blanket featuring different texturedfabrics to help stimulate baby’s developing sense of touch PLUS amatching personalized Minky Patchwork Bear (Value: $119).


GIVEAWAY 2 (two winners will be chosen):The mom-designed Chenille Tooth Fairy Pillow has a pocket on the backfor teeth and treats and a hanging ribbon to eliminate the need to pryprecious teeth from under sleepy heads. Ali Landry, Ming Na and JoelyFisher picked these their kids and a pink one was just given as asibling gift to Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s daughter, Grace. (Value: $24each)


GIVEAWAY 3 (two winners will be chosen):The Always Kiss Me Goodnight Pillow in patchwork pastels. AngelaBassett, Denise Richards, Angela Kinsey and Chandra Wilson all receivedthis limited release pillow. (Value: $24 each)

Enter to win one of five gift packages from the Patchwork Bear. To enter, visit http://thepatchworkbear.com, and go to “Celebrity Baby Blog Giveaway” to enter your details. Deadline to enter is January 31st.

Angela Bassett stops by The Patchwork Bear

Angela Kinsey stops by The Patchwork Bear

Chandra Wilson stops by The Patchwork Bear

Denise Richards stops by The Patchwork Bear

Kim Porter stops by The Patchwork Bear

Rena Sofer stops by The Patchwork Bear

Scott Baio and family stop by The Patchwork Bear

Tori Spelling stops by The Patchwork Bear

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