Update: Backstreet Boys Brian Littrell's wife Leighanne launches bag line

Update from Leighanne:

I’ve read all your comments, and just because I made the first bag out of a sheet doesn’t mean they are made out of sheets now. I used a sheet to get a pattern. These bags are not made in a factory, or in China like most items that you purchase. These bags are made here in the US, made by actual people not machines and we only use the best fabrics. All of the bags are reversible so essentially you get two bags in one.

I have just recently started offering these bags that are not reversible for half the price! I carried these bags the whole time I was breast feeding and when I just needed a diaper bag I used the back pack, they have tons of room! The back packs I use for everything still! I use it not only for my bag, but it has room for all my son’s things as well.

We have new items coming very soon. I hope you all give them a chance. It’s hard to judge something without having actually tested it yourself.

God Bless
Leighanne Littrell

Originally posted November 15th:Leighanne Littrell, wife of Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell, has just launched her own line of bags. Being a mom, she understands all too well the diaper bag dilemma — there is just no such thing as a perfect one. So she designed her own, one that met all her needs and then some. She describes her inspiration on her wyleebags.com site.

After I had my son [Baylee Littrell], we started flying with him by the age of 3 months. I was breastfeeding at the time and used a breastfeeding pillow. I loved having the breastfeeding pillow on the plane with me because it was perfect for Baylee to sleep on as well as to feed him on. The only problem with this is that the pillow is a funny shape and I didn’t have a bag that would hold the pillow and all the other things that go into a diaper bag: diapers, baby wipes, medicines, etc.

So one day I bought a sewing machine (I never sewed on one in my life) and took a sheet and started making a bag. I made the pattern and started using the bag. Before long I worked out the kinks and viola, I had the perfect bag for me.  People would give me compliments and I ended up making a few for gifts, and then started selling quite a few.

What started as a desire for the perfect diaper bag has expanded into a complete bag line of back packs, hand bags, handy sacks, clutches and of course the diaper bag! The diaper bags come in a backpack style because Leighanne loved having her hands free when toting Baylee around.

I made this diaper bag a backpack for a reason. Often I would use a carrier to hold Baylee so I could have my hands free, not to mention that babies seem to really like them. And when we would travel, it was great to have him on my front and the diaper bag on my back. The diaper bag stays secure so when I lean over it doesn’t fall off my shoulder. I still have my arms free! Alas, I can still hold tickets, purchase food,……whatever and not have to put anything down or worry about holding Baylee.

The name of the line, Wylee Bags, was inspired by her son as well, Baylee’s full name is Baylee Thomas Wylee Littrell. The prices range from $336 to more then $600 and she is still working on launching the site. When all is said and done it looks like she will have bags, bag charms and a jewelry line.

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