Update: Alex Rodriguez and wife expecting second daughter

Update: Cynthia has announced that she and Alex are expecting another girl. She is due in April.

Originally posted October 3rd: Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees and his wife, Cynthia, 34, have announced that they are currently expecting their second child. The new baby, who is due to arrive in the spring, will join big sister Natasha Alexander, 2 ½. The 32-year-old dad stated,

Cynthia and I are overjoyed to announce this addition to our family. We realize what a special gift children are, andfeel very blessed to welcome our second child.

The couple do not know the sex of the new baby, but plan to find out as soon as possible according to Cynthia.

I feel great! My daughter wantsto know more than we do!We’re just real excited. It’s almost moreexciting [than the first child] in a way, because you can anticipatewhat you already know is so amazing. We’re thrilled. We can’t wait.

Source: People

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