October 12, 2011 08:00 AM

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Two kids later and Will Arnett has picked up some top-notch negotiating skills.

“Two nights ago I had to bribe my 3-year-old, Archie, into finishing his dinner with a King Cone,” the Up All Night star, 41, says in Redbook‘s October issue.

“That thing is half his body weight, so he was going on chocolate and sugar until 10 p.m.”

That same unconventional approach to parenting once had the actor questioning his ability to raise his boys, including 14-month-old Abel James — but not any more!

“I think I’ve become mellower with two kids. You’re nervous with the first one,” he admits.

“You remember all the stupid stuff you’ve done, and you think, ‘Who put me in charge?’ You think they’re going to chase you down and take that baby back.”

As for the final call in any family decisions, Arnett leaves the task up to his wife Amy Poehler, but, he insists, the real trick is on her.

“She thinks she’s the boss, but I’m the boss,” he jokes. “Part of being the boss is allowing others to think they’re the boss, which is what I do.”

— Anya Leon

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