Soon-to-be parents get very creative nicknaming their soon-to-be babies or should we call them "Tiny Beeps"

By Maria Yagoda
Updated March 26, 2015 07:05 AM
Credit: Courtesy Ovia

What would you rather be called – Happy Meal? Lil Bum? Pizza Bagel? Monster Munchkin? Or Bean Kid?

These are just a few of the most unique baby nicknames coined by soon-to-be parents across America. Ovia, a pregnancy app developed by Harvard Scientists to help women track their cycles and have healthier pregnancies, gathered data on more than 2 million users to find the strangest baby nicknames from all 50 states.

While the top three baby names on Ovia, which has users sign up with a cute nickname for their soon-to-be-borns, are Peanut, Bean and Baby (the default option), most new parents get incredibly creative.

“Baby nicknames are so special because they’re one of the first emotional connections a mother has with her unborn baby,” says Ingrid Pierre, Ovia’s director of design, to PEOPLE. “Creating pet names is a very human thing to do. It introduces intimacy into your language with your new child.”

And that special language varies from state-to-state, as regional differences popped up in Ovia’s findings – in the South, nicknames tend to include the word “sugar,” while “bean” reigns in the Northeast and “bug” in the Northwest. (Texans are fond of “The Lone Ranger.”)

“While these children will all likely get more official names once they’re born,” – we should hope so! – “their mothers will probably always call them by this very first one,” Pierre tells PEOPLE.

What’s the most unique baby nickname in your state? Share your goofy baby (or almost-born!) nickname in the comments!

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